The Path

We want everyone to have their dreams come true, to live their life’s purpose, feeling fulfilled and happy.  It is your life, “Flip It For Good!

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Release self limiting and sabotaging behaviors. Eliminate the outdated “programming” that unwittingly prevents you from feeling good and achieving your goals while enjoying a pleasant state of deep relaxation.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of your thoughts, automatically sculpting your life with limited conscious input.

Research shows your thoughts create your reality.  The subconscious mind is designed to automatically work on your behalf, however the data utilized to carry out this mission was inputted from pre-birth to about age 6!  You certainly have grown into your own mind with new ideas and desires, yet the subconscious mind is not able to reboot without direct programming and only under certain circumstances.  The Path provides the setting, opens the lines of communications and allows you to update that powerful database.  The Path is one of a kind mind, body, spirit approach to success and self confidence.

People are using The Path to partner with their mind to quickly and safely input their consciously chosen goals with great success using the flexible Flip It For good method.


Download Dream with confidence, it will work for you because the lulling music, soothing words, and beautiful imagery engages the conscious and subconscious mind allowing for a state of deep restorative peace.


Believe it or not, putting yourself in a cozy, relaxing, comfortable state of mind is energizing.  This is true because a good nights sleep today allows for an easy productive tomorrow.

Heart Centered Belief

Listening to Heart Centered Belief relaxes you, allowing you to feel quiet stillness while restoring your inner sense contentment.  Feel hopeful and grounded with a sense of deep peace.

Super Cleanse

Super Cleanse gets results as a stress, anxiety, and worry release guided meditation because research by the Mayo Clinic reports that as little as ten minutes of meditation a day positively impacts mental and physical health.