Kathy Encourages Women to “Be The Woman You Are!”

On October 13, we had to opportunity to Fight Like a Girl at the Oxford Women’s Expo as part of the Oxford Chamber of Commerce. The day was filled with women who came together to learn about the latest women’s health issues and the many ways to take care of yourself.

We had the opportunity to speak to a diverse, engaged and intriguing audience about using guided meditation and how to “Be the Woman You Are!”

Using specially prepared guided meditation can help remove internal obstacles that are blocking your path to living true and congruent. Our inner mind holds a picture of who we are as women while the outer conscious mind evaluates the everyday performance of that self.  Having a sense of authenticity or alignment between the two minds creates a sense of peace and joy.  When we find ourselves feeling sad, depressed, anxious, worried or “out of sorts” there’s a separation between the “woman we are” and the “woman that is interfacing with the world.”

As women, it is important to take time, even a few minutes, each day to tune into that quiet soft voice that tells us what we need to do to remain connected with our purpose and more importantly the core of that unique “woman you are.” Simple tasks like yoga, bodywork, time spent in nature, listening to music and guided meditations can help us find that inner peace. A combination of these approaches most likely provides the richest experience and fastest results.

If you find you are stuck or want to isolate an issue that you struggling with, then a few sessions of analytical hypnotherapy might allow you to hone in on the underlying issue and release it.  Our Super Cleanse from The Path can help you get the best results for stress, anxiety and worry release. Research from the Mayo Clinic reports as little as ten minutes of meditation a day can positively impact our mental and physical health.

Over 80 venders were onsite giving product samples, offering useful information and free services. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from a raffle benefitted the POH Riley Foundation’s Sister & Sister program. The program creates breast cancer awareness throughout the community and provides mammogram screenings for uninsured, at-risk or low-income women in Oakland County.