Guided Imagery Aids Cancer Patients

Guided imagery can help people in a variety of ways – from relaxation to smoking cessation to weight loss.  As many cancer survivors know, it is also very effective at dealing with the side effects of medications and treatments, along with aiding in their body’s natural healing process.

Numerous studies have found that guided imagery is effective for the management of pain, fatigue, anxiety and nausea associated with chemotherapy and radiation.  In fact, the American Cancer Society’s review of 46 studies conducted between 1996 and 1998 concluded guided imagery’s effectiveness at the management of these side effects.  They also concluded that imagery techniques are safe for anyone to use.  This has prompted many hospitals and medical centers across the country to incorporate guided imagery into treatment programs.

Additionally, many feel that guided imagery can directly affect the body’s immune system.  Since only one exploratory study suggested guided imagery could increase the survival chances for cancer patients, additional controlled research studies are needed before the medical community at large will accept guided imagery as more than a tool for pain management.  In the meantime, the power of guided imagery cannot be denied by cancer survivors who testify that the use of guided imagery helped them fight to survive.    

If you are a cancer patient, or know of one, we suggest incorporating The Path as part of a treatment program.  The Path works beautifully when paired with a focused intention such as placing a picture of a smooth, easy, positive experience of chemotherapy in the patient’s mind or seeing themselves 5 years in the future healthy, strong and prosperous.  Once you’ve used The Path, please share your testimonials with Emerald Dream Hypnosis.  Nothing makes us happier than hearing how our efforts have helped others.