Flip It For Good

Flip It for Good with The Path!

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The premise behind Flip It for Good is simple. Your mind is creating a life, a thought, a situation that no longer agrees with your vision. Listening to the experiences on The Path allows you to flip those negative limiting thoughts into positive expanding beliefs, creating real world results. It’s really as simple as changing your subconscious mind’s outlook.

Prior to listening to an experience on The Path:

Identify the thought, situation, attitude that you want to “Flip”

  • Write it down – the old fashioned way. Grab a piece of paper, or a scarp or use a mural or the side of a barn or buy a special notebook. Find a pen, pencil, quill and ink, crayon, marker, chalk, paint, or that lucky chewed up sharpened to the eraser nub that you have had in your pocket for years and write down the “Flipped” version.
  • Steer clear of generalized goals (i.e. I want a lot money. I want to meet the love of my life.) Write the specifics with as much detail as possible. Don’t worry about “how” or if it’s “realistic.” Let your imagination be free. Remember your subconscious mind, which controls 95% of behavior, thinks like a five year old so a lot of money might be the five dollars from grandma’s birthday card.

Feel the “Flip”

  • Imagine the feelings associated with your intention from step one. See it. Feel it. Smell it. Touch it. Taste it. Believe it. Imagine it to life.

Listen to an experience on The Path

  • Heart Centered Belief is a good way to being the day. Drift to sleep with Dream. Energize and Super Cleanse anytime throughout.
  • You can listen to any experience any time you’d like and some people have success only listening to one experience a day.
  • Repetition is your friend.

Find your blankie

  • The blanket the young child totes around is a symbol that embodies safety, security, love and enables the child to grow and move into unfamiliar territory.
  • Think about an object or a color that you encounter frequently throughout your day. Such as: cellphone, computer, favorite coffee mug, the color green, your hands, mountains of paperwork.
  • Consciously connect the object or color with steps 1 through 3 so that it will serve as a memory and feeling trigger repeatedly carving pathways in your brain.