Clear. Calm. Collected.

“He who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes” – C.C. Jung

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. How is that one going so far? Are you filled with self-criticism, regrets or disappointment? You are not alone. Life and relationships can be both invigorating and challenging. I am thinking that right now, you are feeling that something is missing or that you are just tired of the pain and struggle. Counseling or hypnosis can offer you hope, comfort and support as you pause, reflect, release and learn to fully embrace and love yourself. Yes, love your life, your perfectly imperfect life just you as are right now.

Welcome to your next step. You’ve found the home of Gentle Awakenings Counseling and Emerald Dream Hypnosis, the place to Positively Change Your Life! Come as you are, leave as you were meant to be.

You’ve found a place to transform obstacles into stepping stones, to cut ties with whatever is holding you back, to release that nagging sense of doubt and unworthiness so you can finally melt into your life. A place of comfort, understanding and support. I am delighted that you are here and ready to find relief.

That’s why you’re here, right?

  • You want something
  • You have a desire, a drive to create a brighter tomorrow
  • You want to repair or release toxic relationships
  • You are tired of the anxiety, the pain both physical and emotional
  • You hate the feeling of being stuck and powerless
  • You want more
  • You want to find deep peace, balance, contentment
  • You want to awaken
  • You want to see possibilities

The good news is that YOU are the path to your dreams. However in order for your dreams to come true, you have to wake up.  You can easily gently awaken with counseling, hypnotherapy or a combination of both.

Or perhaps,

  • You have suffered a significant loss
  • Lost your way
  • Lost your focus
  • Lost your motivation
  • Feel out of control in one or more areas of your life
  • You want to change some habits or negative thinking patterns
  • Your life circumstances have changed- family is growing, nest is emptying, college has ended now what or you are in a caregiving role-although these situations are common, they often lead to feelings of being overwhelmed or lost.

Counseling builds the path to self-discovery, to finding your inner strength,wisdom and motivation. You are not alone. Perhaps that less-than-helpful response to any situation is most likely not your fault but simply a by-product of your subconscious programming and interpretation of your life experiences.

Counseling and Hypnotherapy give you tools and a fresh perspective. Sometimes growth happens, almost spontaneously, from the interaction of you telling me your story and my empathetic active listening. Researchers have studied various therapy methodologies and the bottomline is always the strength and quality of the  therapeutic relationship. Seems like magic, yet it is supported with data. Our time together is often all it takes to see real, measurable progress.

If you are ready to experience relief and move forward now, I would be honored to be your guide.  Together we will explore, experience, pause, breathe, reflect, release, design, laugh, cry, and do whatever it takes to launch you into that dream, desire or image of yourself held in your heart.

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